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Top Fundraising Tips to Volunteer Overseas

International Volunteer HQ is known for offering the most affordable volunteer overseas programs around, but we all know that flights, visas, travel insurance, and vaccinations can be costly!

Volunteer Inspiration of the Day

How does a mother-daughter volunteer trip to Kenya result in the establishment of a project to be served by future IVHQ volunteers, enabling developmentally disabled adults of the Kibera slum to enter the workforce?

15 Things Every Volunteer In Bali Should Do

Arriving as a volunteer in Bali, your bucket list will be full of ‘must do’ activities for your volunteer program and your #IVHQweekends! To kick start your list, here are the 15 things we think every volunteer should do in Bali...

10 Photos That Will Make You Want To Volunteer In Africa

If you're feeling travel bugish after scrolling through these photos, please direct all complaints to the guilty Instagramers AKA our volunteers in Africa.

The 7 Types Of IVHQer

Which type of IVHQer are you?

Packing Tips From The IVHQ Team

When prepping to travel overseas, are you a forward-thinking "my 30 day countdown has begun, better start packing" packer, or a last minute "eeek, my flight leaves in 2 hours" packer?

Whichever category you fit into, a good packing tip doesn’t go astray to avoid an extra heavy, unorganised, and cluttered backpack (that’s filled with everything you don’t need, and nothing you do)!

IVHQ's Most Loved Instagrams

With over 9,000 photos tagged with #IVHQ, Instagram continues to be a popular platform for IVHQ volunteers to connect, share and inspire each other while they volunteer overseas. It's also one of our favorite ways to keep you posted with news and insights from the IVHQ Crew... So here, we're sharing this month's most loved Instagrams from @IVHQ - as loved by you!

Responsible Volunteer Travel

Learn about IVHQ’s newest team member and what he’s doing to ensure IVHQ can keep improving as a responsible volunteer travel organization.

Must-Have Volunteer Travel Apps

Whether your weapon of choice is an iPhone or Android device, it's hard to imagine traveling without the comfort of referring to your smartphone for directions, or to triple check your flight schedule. To save you the hassle of scrolling through pages and pages of travel apps in the App Store/Google Play, we've turned to the IVHQ team for their must-have travel app suggestions!

Volunteer Travel Tips From The Locals

Based on the interest in our recent post Travel Tips From The IVHQ Team on Volunteer Overseas, we wanted to bring you some travel tips specific to our various volunteer programs - direct from our local teams!

Top 10 IVHQ Beaches

Whether you're volunteering with IVHQ in Africa, Asia, Central America or South America, there's a good chance you'll be beach-bound during one of your weekends abroad!

We asked our IVHQers on Instagram to share their fave #IVHQbeaches with us, so we could pull together this list of the top 10 beaches our volunteers are traveling to!

5 Reasons Why Volunteering Overseas Is Healthy

You’ll notice a common theme when looking through International Volunteer HQ’s Instagram feed… Everyone looks fit and healthy! I believe that volunteering overseas can be extremely healthy for you, so I'm sharing 5 reasons why… 

Volunteer Where?

If you've been following our #IVHQclues on Facebook or Instagram, you'll be clued up on the launch on our brand new volunteer program!

Now we're 3 clues deep, have you worked our where in the world IVHQ is opening our new volunteer overseas program...?

Top 5 Tips For Coping With 'PVB'

After you volunteer overseas with IVHQ, chances are you'll have to deal with 'PVB'. Although not a technical term, 'Post Volunteering Blues' affects many past volunteers after their experience abroad. While there's no sure fire cure for 'PVB', I've listed 5 tips used by previous IVHQers...

Travel Tips From The IVHQ Team

We've picked the brains of the IVHQ Team to pick a travel tip to share with our Volunteer Overseas readers - fire away team....


5 Money Saving Tips To Get You Volunteering Overseas Quicker!

IVHQ offers one of the worlds most affordable ways to volunteer overseas, but the price of flights and visas can add up quickly.

5 Reasons To Travel Solo With IVHQ

While initially daunting, traveling solo could be what turns a great volunteer overseas experience, into an outstanding one! IVHQ not only provides pre-departure support, but also peace of mind for solo travelers with an airport pickup and extensive in-country assistance. 

4 Secrets IVHQ Couldn't Keep

Some secrets are just too good to keep, which is why we're spilling the beans and sharing 4 secrets we couldn't wait to share with you for 2014!

Top 5 'WOAH' Maasai Moments!

IVHQers constantly wow us with photos and stories as they volunteer overseas, so I thought I’d share the moments that first ‘wowed’ me when volunteering on IVHQ’s Kenya Massai program. 

Seven Wonders of the IVHQ World

With no shortage of Wonders to see while volunteering overseas with IVHQ, so we set ourselves the challenge of narrowing them down to a top seven.

IVHQer Email of the Day

It's not every day an email makes your day, but this one from IVHQer Phoebe Winter sure made ours!

Responsible Volunteer Research: Cambodia

Continuing my research into the responsible volunteering practices of IVHQ, I visited the IVHQ volunteer program in Cambodia to examine the social impact of the program in country.

Top 3 Volunteer Photos

With hundreds of photos entered in the IVHQ Volunteer Photo Competition for 2013, it was a tricky task picking our top 3!


Top 3 Volunteer Videos

From our selection of IVHQ Volunteer Video Competition entries for 2013, the team at IVHQ have selected our Top 3 to receive our annual prizes for 2013!

IVHQ Booster Awards: Blessed Bright Future Orphanage

After two weeks of voting, Blessed Bright Future Orphanage in Ghana received the most votes from our volunteer community to win the major boost of $5,000 in the IVHQ Booster

10 MORE IVHQ Volunteer Confessions

Following the popularity of a previous Volunteer Overseas post, 10 IVHQ Volunteer Confessions, we're bringing you 10 MORE confessions from our IVHQ volunteers...


IVHQ Booster Awards: CRIA

After being voted in 4th position for the IVHQ Booster AwardsCRIA, a facility for young men in Mexico, received a Booster Award of US$800. CRIA provides housing and food for young men in Mexico, who for various reasons can no longer live with their parents. 

IVHQ Booster Awards: Niños de Papel

With the support of the IVHQ Booster Awards, US$200 was awarded to Niños de Papel, which serves as an orphanage as well as a community center for children in Cartagena, Colombia.

6 IVHQ New Program Clues

Those of you tuning in to our social media channels will be switched on to the news that IVHQ is launching a brand new program in the New Year!

Can you string together these 6 clues and work out where in the world we're opening our new volunteer overseas program?



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